Wedding Memories

I just sent an email to Fumiko, whose wedding I will be photographing soon. One of the things she asked me was if I knew how long it took to get a marriage license at Boston's City Hall. I don't, because Enna and I were married in NH, and there it took all of 5 minutes. But this question brought back a memory of one of my favorite moments of our marriage. Enna and I were visiting friends at their lake house just a few weeks before our wedding and borrowed the jet ski to go to the town hall for our license. It was very fun to walk into the town hall wet with swim suits and life jackets on to apply for our license. My mom was at the dock and snapped a photo of us departing. This was before digital photography, so recalling this reminds me that I'll have to go through some boxes at my mom's house to find that photo and scan it. Hopefully I'll be able to post it here someday soon.

I just though I'd share this memory from our lives as we love to hear and document other peoples moments that become cherished memories:)