Fumiko & David :)

Fumiko and David are getting married this October in Boston and we did their engagement shoot on one of the hottest days of the year! I think I drank 3 chai tea frappuccinos before we headed out:) We walked around the Beacon Hill area of Boston, one of my favorite locations for classic "Boston" portraits. Beacon Hill is an amazing place: buildings are tightly packed, old cobblestone streets have grass growing between the stones, paint is faded and peeling off brick walls and well, it's just an awesome place for portraits. Add a couple like Fumiko and David to the mix and beautiful things happen.

We started at the Public Garden pond and they instantly let their funny side show

I just love this toe touching moment:)

It took nothing to get them into the laundry mat for a few fun pics!

As the sun went down we headed to a pub for a few drinks. When we emerged we were caught in the rain, so why not take a few while getting soaked? An elderly couple sitting in the car loved helping us out by letting us use their headlights.

At the very end of our night out we stopped back where we started for some night shots on the garden bridge. The rain had let up and some street performers on stilts came by.

Thank you Fumiko and David!! Can't wait to see you again soon!!