Alison & Bryan's Marblehead, Massachusetts wedding!!

Remember Alison & Bryan? A few months ago we posted about their destination engagement shoot and how much fun we all had spending Cinco de Mayo at their SC beach house. Well we can now share their wedding photos...:)

The wedding was held at Alison's parents house in Marblehead, MA this past June, and we couldn't believe how cold it was! Alison was such an amazing sport braving the cold wind to get a few photos of her on the waterfront. Luckily the rain held and everything went as planned with an outdoor ceremony and the party went late into the night. I can tell you that towards the end of the night we all (parents of bride and groom too) indulged in shots from a bottle of Patron and I have some really crazy photos of that, but I'll spare everyone from posting them here for the world to see us being really crazy!! Also at the wedding one of our former brides, Erin - who is working hard to become a wedding photographer - joined us as an assistant and took some great images.

Alison and Bryan:

We were setting up a shot when I made this image and I just love the quiet moment of this image:

A fun image of Matt working:

These next two images were taken by Enna and are some of the most amazing limo shots I've ever seen!

One of Alison's flower girls showing off part of her bouquet:

Bryan's parents during the ceremony:

Alison carrying her mom, Sallie. If this doesn't say enough about how much fun these two are together I don't know what can:)

At the end of the night we headed out to get the limo with Alison and Bryan. I loved the mist on the street and wanted a shot of them standing in it. Just then the limo drove around the corner and we quickly snapped this amazing shot of Bryan dipping Alison in front of the limo:

Congratulations Alison and Bryan!! It was an honor to be your photographers and we can't wait to see you again and have margaritas!!!