A Love Born on Chappaquiddick

Ashley and Jamie spent their summers as kids on Martha's Vineyard. While their families knew each other, Ashley and Jamie were not introduced until just a few years ago. Now they are engaged and planning an Anguilla wedding. For their engagement shoot they invited us to spend a night at the family home on Chappaquiddick. Ashley's family entertained us for the night with amazing swordfish grilled by her grandfather who just turn 90, martinis on ice mixed by her father, and to top it all off, mom made pancakes with blueberries that she picked from the wild blueberry plants around their house. There were so many great moments of the trip: besides the amazing time spent with Ashley and Jamie, Enna and I rented a Jeep and spent a day cruising the roads, swam at the beaches, ate plenty of seafood. We also had the most incredible night swimming experience of our lives with Ashley's family as the phosphorescent phytoplankton was glowing like you couldn't imagine!

Ashley and Jamie were referred to us by their wedding planner extraordinaire, Alexis Eliopoulos O’Mara, who owns Unique Weddings by Alexis, and we can't wait to be part of their wedding festivities at Cap Juluca in Anguilla.

Here are a collection of a few of our favorite images from their engagement shoot

Meet Ashley and Jamie...

The hammock outside their house. When we arrived at their house, Enna introduced herself to the family then promptly crashed on the hammock... it's pretty inviting:)

The path from their house to the beach

Ashley is a principal ballet dancer for the DC Ballet Co. at the Kennedy Center. She just couldn't resist showing a move or two for us:)

Blueberries!! Super yummy.

When the sun went down we went in the water for a few shots.

It took a little coaxing, but we got Jamie wet too:)

It was truly a great time. Thank you Ashley and Jamie for inviting and entertaining us! We can't wait to see you again and make more beautiful images of you in Anguilla.

~M & E