Ilana & Paul

Enna and I have become well known in Boston for our unique way of documenting Orthodox Jewish weddings. Our approach is simple, but it can be difficult to accomplish due to the energetic and spontaneous nature of the event. One of our favorite moments of the day is always the Bedeken, or "veiling of the bride". The men (who have been in another room to this point), parade the groom out to see his bride, led by musicians, and there is often singing and dancing. As they approach, the crowd separates to reveal the bride sitting on her throne. Tradition has it that this is the groom's opportunity to lift the veil to make sure it is his bride. But there is much deeper meaning to this ritual. The veil signifies the individuality of each even when united in marriage. It is also a reminder that although a woman's physical beauty may vanish, the beauty of her spirit never will. The family members' and guests' energy and excitement bring the emotion in the room to an all time high. After the groom has lowered the veil, the bride is blessed by the fathers and the grandfathers and it is all so beautiful that we never want it to end. But, just as fast as it began, the Bedeken does end and the men dance off , sometimes quite boisterously carrying the groom on their shoulders. The Bedeken is always an amazing photo opportunity. Getting in close to capture this moment charged with excitement and emotion is always moving, and Enna and I have cried while taking these images at several weddings. Ilana and Paul's wedding was no exception for show of emotion and support from their family and friends.

Ilana and Paul

Ilana praying before the bedeken

Paul is paraded out of the tisch for the bedeken

This is my absolute favorite moment for the orthodx jewish wedding, when the groom visits the bride on her throne during the bedeken

Paul with his brother and sister

Ilana with her sister and mom

We were able to make some amazing light for the ceremony

TV celebrities Bart Simpson and Mr. Burns even joined in on the dance floor fun

I believe this is Ilana's father, Dr. Waxman showing off his flexibility. Things happen so fast on the dance floor it's tough to pay attention to who is doing what.

Mazel Tov Ilana & Paul! We had so much fun, thank you for inviting us!