Happy Fathers Day - Celtic Pride is Back!

My parents understood the potential waste of time that tv can be. When I was kid we had a tv, but no cable or antenna, instead we had a VCR. But when the Celtics season approached the playoffs my dad would have the cable turned on so we could cheer on our favorite team. When the finals were over he would promptly call the cable company and have it turned off again. Going to the old Garden was also an experience in itself. I remember the obstructed view seats and the view from the top balcony where you were victim to the cloud of haze from the humidity trapped inside and could easily leave as sweaty as the players. After graduating high school and moving out my parents house I have never been one to want cable. In our house we have a nice flat screen tv with surround sound (I love good action films), but I only pay the minimun $8/month for cable so I can watch the local news and The Office:) It is tough not being able to watch the Red Sox at home, but luckily baseball is fun to listen to on the radio. I had the chance to see this years Celtics play with my dad, but unfortunately he forgot to check my calendar before he bought tickets and I was booked for an event that night (my life story).

So tonight, on fathers day 2008, we have the opportunity to watch the Celtics win their first World Championship in 22 years. Luckily for me it's on basic cable. So tonight I'll be sitting on the couch with the lights off, enjoying a Sam Adam's, wearing my "Beat LA" shirt, and having on and off phone calls with my dad and bro. Many people are hoping they loose so they can win the championship at home. That would be fun, nothing beats a home court celebration, but after the loss of the Superbowl I think Boston is more than anxious for a victory tonight.

The amazing 1986 Celtics

Time for the captain's 10 year pay off!