Great games in LA, but a tough loss last night.

Last night was another great come back for the Celtics. Unfortunately the Lakers forced a game 6, fortunately it will be in Boston! I will be shocked if LA wins game 6. The Celtics have been playing like champions, Paul Pierce had two amazing games in LA and now will have the home court advantage. One thing that I couldn't help noticing is how different these teams are on the bench. Phil Jackson sits most of the game and so do his players, while Doc Rivers is pacing and the Celtics are standing and cheering. I can't recall ever seeing a team sit so much during playoffs. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it. The Lakers are amazing and play a great game, I just find it odd. Lets hope they are able to get some rest before Tuesday. If they win (I don't want to jinx them) I can't wait to see who gets play-off MVP - Pierce or Allen - both are playing amazing ball.

Enna and I took the boys camping last week and had a wedding and an engagement shoot this weekend. So we are finally back in the office and will be catching up on the blog over the next few days.