First Family Camping Trip

Enna and I took the boys camping for the first time this week and we had a blast. We reserved a cabin at Mohawk Trail campgrounds, a smart choice with a 2 and 4 year old, especially with the heat wave we had. Luckily we had a thunder and lightning storm roll through one night and cool things off. Our agenda was pretty simple, let the boys play at the river, visit Mass MoCA, and roast marsh mellows. I bought Ollie and Will some fishing poles but did not expect Ollie to figure out how to cast. With in about 20 minutes he was casting his rubber fish at least 50 feet and in Ollie heaven! Will could get his fish to drop and then reel it in and quickly went back to throwing rocks. Jackson, who is just over a year old, tried desperately to catch the moving water in his mouth, and learned how to swim. Once he realized he could swim we couldn't throw the sticks fast and far enough for him.

We also had a little furry visitor that was begging for food. His first visit happened while I was at the camp alone with Ollie napping and I was able to quickly snap this shot before scaring him off. The second time he came he scared Enna and she practically jumped out of her pants:) We spent a good hour trying to get him to leave, but sadly he is used to people feeding him. Jackson showed his loyalty by chasing him up a tree. We thought he had finally left and we turned off our lights to enjoy the campfire. Then Jackson growled and I pointed my flash light towards the woods and the bear was just about 20 feet from us. He and I had a shouting/growling match at one point and when I tried to chase him off he'd just climb up a tree. I wish people were smart enough to know that they are putting this cute little guys life in danger when they feed him.

The Mohawk Tribe Memorial

Our cabin for the week.

Ollie loving his fishing rod

Will playing peek-a-boo

Enna and Will

Will practicing his "look"

Our master rock thrower

Water dog!

The cutest bear I've ever encountered, but also very stubborn

Ollie at a Mass MoCA exhibit

My mini-me

Ollie napping on the cabin porch

Jackson swimming as far as I could throw the stick