The Graduate

I made a trip up to Maine last week with Ollie and Will for my sister Elise's graduation from college... at long last, after 5 schools and I'm not sure how many majors, she has finished! Here she is in her 3-season living quarters:

She bought this old bus turned camper and has been living in it during her senior year of college in Machias Maine, just about 20 minutes from the Canadian border on the seaside. Matt has appropriately named it the "Bouse". The above image is a collage of 57 photographs.

And here she is in her bath of rubber duckies (at Terry and Greg's house), courtesy University of Maine's graduation festivities... just to clarify, the bath wasn't part of the official festivities, the ducks were! Mom and Aunt Terry collected all the duckies from the pond on campus and brought them home for Elise's special surprise graduation spa:

The family enjoying some warm spring weather... which is a long awaited phenomenon in Downeast Maine! Elise, Izzy the Cat, Will, Terry B., Enna, Ollie, Mary, and Cameron the dog. (Matt spent the weekend in Connecticut documenting Richard Esposito's East Coast wedding festivities... we'll post pics from that lovely day soon!)

Preparing coffee in the Bouse kitchen suite:

Check out the mural Elise painted at the local bowling alley! In exchange for the mural, she was able to throw an awesome graduation party for herself AND she gets free bowling for life! What more could she ask for??? For those of you not familiar with the Downeast way of life, this is Candlepin, NOT ten-pin. Big difference... Candlepin's tons of fun and I highly recommend that you make a point of trying it out the next time you're in New England.