The Big Winners!

pug Pronunciation: \ˈpəg\ Function: noun Etymology: obsolete pug hobgoblin, monkey Date: 1751

1: any of a breed of small sturdy compact dogs of Asian origin with a smooth, short coat, tightly curled tail, short muzzle, and broad wrinkled face 2 a: pug nose b: a close knot or coil of hair : bun 3: acronym for Pictage User Group, a savvy group of super-cool photographers who gather once a month to share business ideas, fun, and photography.

Our online proofing/printing lab, Pictage, recently had a contest to see who could have the biggest increase in attendance. Matt and I had 72 photographers show up to our March meeting, winning the contest by a landslide. We received the email telling us we won the contest during our April PUG meeting and everyone there got together for a fun group shot.

For having the largest increase in attendees, Pictage is giving us $500 to put towards what ever we want. It's still a tossup between candle-pin bowling party at the Milky Way, or a clambake on the beach. We will discuss the plans and hopefully set a date during the next PUG meeting, so if you want to have a say in the date, time and location we suggest coming to the May 13th PUG:)

Enna and I took over running the Massachusetts PUG not to long ago, and we have worked hard to find ways to make it interesting so people will come. April's PUG theme was "Spring Training" and we all shared our techniques for photographing inside dark churches. We have had ShootQ demos, marketing talks, and product previews. For the summer we have a great lineup of guest photographers coming to talk about their work.

Here is the gang. Check out The Feds and the gang showing their gangsta style on the left. These are some of Boston's hottest wedding and portrait photographers!

The best "2nd kiss" ever! Tony and Anna were um, kind enough to re-enact there first kiss for us as we played with lighting. If this is how comfortable they are now I'd love to have seen their real "first kiss" shot!;)