David H. Wells Came to Boston!

I love it when you meet someone in life who you immediately connect with and become instant friends. David and I met while I was a student and was given the opportunity to be his assistant for a workshop on editorial photography. He is a great person, photographer, and teacher. I am honored to have him as a great friend and always look forward to our annual day at the beach with his wife Annu, daughter Adena, and my family. It's difficult for us to connect as he travels the world A LOT, and I work weekends A LOT. So to have him come to Boston to teach a workshop was a real treat. The idea of this workshop came to me after spending a day at David's house and learning about his image workflow. David is a photojournalist, and a stock photographer. As a photojournalist he has documented some heartbreaking stories and has been published in, well, you name it. His stock photography resume is just as impressive. So as David travels the world documenting lifestyles, he also creates masterpieces of stock imagery. His workshop in Boston focused on the importance of registering ALL of your images with the Library of Congress, and how to select, apply to, and work with a stock agency. Those who attended the workshop absorbed every word he said and left with a new challenge in life - registering our work with the Library of Congress! The process is actually very easy and fast, but it takes a commitment to be consistent. Check out David's website to find out where he will be teaching next.

Thank you for coming to Boston to teach your workflow David!! See you on the beach soon:) ~Matt