Home Sweet Home

We're home! Jackson and Emmett are bouncing/woofing/meowing with joy to see us... I still have to check on Fish ~ hopefully he made it through the week too!

John and Kim of Sanderson Images, Tabitha and Larry of Sherrell Photography, Justin and Mary of Justin Marantz Photography, and Christine and Andy of Bello Photography joined us for a relaxing (well mostly... our boys kept us on our toes quite a bit) week of skiing, yummy food, and heart to heart talking about life and work. Next year we plan to leave the boys at home and bring a massage therapist along instead!

This is a collection of inspiring, brilliant, down-to-earth and fun photographers and we had a blast! It is so inspiring and rejuvenating to meet other photographer couples who share so many of our interests, challenges, and joys.

I can't wait to share pics from the trip, but right now I'm off to see Pink Martini with my cousin Keelin.... Matt kindly offered to stay home with the boys and watch Rattatouille.