d2e: living sustainably in new england

Today was Day 1 of d2e, a sustainable living expo in Boston. This is a really awesome show! Matt and I had fun visiting with the other vendors and seeing the sights before it gets really busy over the weekend.

The cooking demonstration was really cool... the guy made rice with crickets! This little girl was quite happy to eat many crickets, but she couldn't get me to try one.

Here's the chef describing his favorite insect...

The purpose of the expo is to give people "down to earth" ideas about how to live a greener (and healthier) lifestyle. All of the vendors are really cool - I love these beads made out of paper by refugees in Uganda, and the chic felt wine rack. I plan to leave the show tomorrow with some plants - can't wait for spring gardening!

And there are lots of yummy foods that can be sampled (besides insects!), such as this butterscotch sauce, eco-friendly 360 Vodka, and ice cream (sorry I have no pictures of Ben and Jerry's ice cream... the photographer was distracted from her camera at your booth).