Water for 10,500!

The Thirst Relief photographers' mentoring auction succeeded in raising $33,546.55! That's enough to provide clean drinking water to 10,500 people!

We're really excited about the couple who submitted the winning bid on our mentoring session! Mike and Kate are great photographers and we're very flattered that they chose to bid on us... we can't wait to get to work with them. The cool thing about mentoring Kate and Mike is that they also have two kids (well, one plus another who is on the way!), so we feel that we have a lot in common with them... hopefully they can learn from our mistakes! The other cool thing about working with them is that they are local, so we'll be able to keep tabs on them and provide a little more coaching than we could give in a single session to someone who lives farther away.

So, Kate and Mike.... practice those breathing exercises, but also take a few minutes to sit someplace quiet and work on your "pre-mentoring session homework" that we sent you.