Business of Wedding Photography Lectures

Enna and I were invited to speak at 2 schools this week, and we had so much fun! On Wednesday we gave a talk to about 30 students at the New England School of Photography, and Thursday night we were at the Center for Digital Imaging (Boston University) in Waltham. Both events had huge student turnout and were a lot of fun. Thursday night's talk at CDIA actually drew about 150 people!

We spoke for about an hour, and focused on the importance of having a business plan. We see too many photographers jumping into wedding photography not knowing how to price themselves and/or have a good plan to create a sustainable business that will ensure they and their clients will be happy.

At both schools we found the students to be very eager to learn more about good business practices, and we loved being able to share our philosophy with them! The students at CDIA asked questions for a good 30 minutes, and our next Pictage User Group meeting will be hosted in their large open studio space too!