Roundup No. 2: Our favorite wedding trends/ideas/traditions at this past year’s weddings

Sperry Tents – Lots of people envision a beautiful tent as part of their outdoor festivities. But what they often fail to realize is that most traditional rental tents are not constructed to be beautiful on the inside. We love when the inside of a tent is “dressed up” with draping, lanterns, and lights so that the ugly metal structure isn’t visible. This year we had the opportunity to shoot a few weddings with Sperry Tents – these structures are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. From a distance they present a festive and graceful circus-tent shape. From inside they are elegant lines, sun-glowing canvas, and beautiful wooden architecture, with sewn details reminiscent of the sails on a fine antique yacht.

Love Letter Readings – Our favorite ceremony idea by far… is what Gary and Missy did at their wedding. On the wedding morning, they each took time to write a love letter to each other. At the ceremony, instead of traditional readings from literature, Gary and Missy’s maid of honor and best man stood up and read the letters out loud. How romantic!

Going Green – We’re meeting with more couples who are working hard to make their wedding’s impact on the environment as light as possible. As a result, we’re seeing more creative and interesting locations, flowers, menus, and favors, all of which make for a more highly personalized and fun-to-photograph wedding.

Dresses that Flatter – we celebrated our 5th anniversary this summer! And Enna will be the first to admit (and warn current dress-shoppers) that once you’ve shopped for a wedding dress, you’ll ALWAYS shop for a wedding dress! She just can’t help but continue to look for the perfect dress when watching the latest trends! This year more than any other we’ve seen dresses that we absolutely love. More and more brides are going for dresses that show off the shapes of their bodies, that are constructed to move gracefully, and that incorporate interesting textures, laces, beading, and other details. And judging by what Matt saw at Bridal Fashion Week 2008 in New York, the coming year is going to be full of even more gorgeous gowns!

Bicycle Built for Two – How could Linsay and Ryan not make this list with their exuberant grand exit? They borrowed a beautiful tandem from Bob’s Bicycle Shop in Portsmouth NH. Ryan was so excited when he told me how they thought that riding a tandem bicycle is such a great analogy for marriage!