Green Weddings, Green Wedding Photography

Here it is, our Big Business Announcement... drum roll...

Grazier Photography is going green.

Figuring out how to do this (beyond simple lifestyle modifications) was a challenge.... After all, we already have a minimal commute to work (involving 12 steps up to the third floor of our house). We recycle paper, packaging, batteries, and other items, and we try to purchase local/organically grown food and other products. We see all of those habits as nothing special - they are simply part of our basic responsibilities as citizens of this planet. We wanted to do something exceptional to turn our business green. To be truly "green" wedding photographers we wanted to offer green products. We have finally found an album company to partner with for our "Green Wedding Photography Package" and we are so very excited about their books! Our newest line of books are made using 50% recycled content, and they are produced in as environmentally friendly a process as possible. The books themselves are simply gorgeous... with torn page edges, contemporary layout designs, and traditional elegant hand-sewn bindings.

A green album wasn't quite enough either... we really want to make an impact, bigger than the book sitting on a client's coffee table.

So here's our pledge: for every couple who chooses our Green Photography package, we pledge to invest 5% of that package in carbon offset credits. This is enough of an offset to make many weddings entirely carbon neutral, it will even compensate for most or all of the guests' air and auto travels! Couples who book this package will also receive a really cool Green Wedding Planning gift basket that we've put together - and believe me when I tell you it's FULL of great stuff!

For our current clients, we'll make a 5% investment in carbon offset credits for any order from our line of green albums - even a baby book!

For those of you planning weddings, here are a few simple ideas to reduce the environmental impact of your event:

1. Hold the ceremony and reception in the same location to reduce car travel.
2. Use local and organically grown food and locally grown flowers.
3. Recycle the packaging from your wedding gifts.
4. Calculate and offset the carbon produced by each guest's flight and vehicular travel.

Have other ideas about how to plan a green wedding? Please share them with us!