Erin & Jeremy - A Winter Wedding in Cambridge

Our second to last wedding of the 2007 (Dec 28th) was Erin and Jeremy's. They chose the Fogg Museum for their wedding reception - it was a perfect fit for them and a gorgeous location for a wedding! We are so sad that the Fogg is closing its doors for a major 6-year renovation... there won't be any weddings there for quite a while after they close their doors to start packing in just a few months.

One of our favorite things in the whole world is live bagpipe music, so we were very happy when we learned that Erin and Jeremy have a good friend who is a bagpiper (he wore his kilt too, which also made Enna happy :). He played as they exited the church, and then after many requests from the guests he played an encore at the reception which ignited the dance floor. I wish our neighborhood had a wandering bagpiper - it would be so cool to hear this music floating through the air on summer evenings.

One thing we love to do is incorporate the environment of the wedding location as much as possible into the portraits. People spend so much time looking for the right venue and choose these locations for such personal reasons. Erin and Jeremy love art, so this photo showing them in a gallery on their wedding night and being themselves is perfect. Jeremy jumping in his top hat, with a cane and two-toned shoes is priceless.