Latest Trends in Bridal Fashion - 2008 Bridal Market Runway Show

La Bella Bride Magazine invited me to go to NYC with them to photograph the new collections of bridal gowns. I had such a great time hanging out with Katina, Steve, and Robin from LaBella. I also met Ray Santana who was there shooting for Grace Ormonde. If you go to his blog you'll see a photo I took with his camera of all the photographers piled in together at the end of the runway. This was my first time shooting a runway show and I had a blast and look forward to doing more. I loved the comradery of the photographers: if someone dropped a lens (not me) or had a battery die (not me) somebody would immediately hand them one to borrow and no one ever missed a shot. It was also funny to hear how the photographers will talk to the models when they reach the end of the runway. Be sure to pick up the new issue of La Bella, which will be on the racks very soon, to check out not only more runway fashion, but also two Grazier Photography weddings that are being featured.

After the shows we all went out for dinner and drinks with Traci Ramono. Steve made sure we stayed close to a tv so we could watch the Sox win. Some of us ended up pulling a classic NY night: we were last to leave the bar and didn't fall asleep till about 4am. Gotta love the city that doesn't sleep!


These newest dresses incorporate interesting textures (papery crumpled silk, cutout lace, pearls and other unique beading), romantic draping and billowing, and vintage lines. We absolutely LOVE these latest looks, as they emphasize the shape of the body, and are constructed to move - making for really beautiful pictures.... we can't wait to see some of these styles on next year's brides!

Here is a small sample of some of our favorites: