Meredith & Jeff... a wedding with a personal touch

Meredith and Jeff's wedding at Overbrook House was filled with special details and their unique personal touch. How many couples get a Zydeco band for their ceremony and reception??? From the moment they kissed until the city's noise ordinance shut them down, Meredith and Jeff danced to the delightful soulful music of The Colbys.

I absolutely loved all the splashes of color, from Meredith's shoes to her hairpins to the ribbons and cake and napkins at the reception. In fact, their cake has to be one of the most beautiful we have ever seen!

Congratulations Meredith and Jeff!

Edit: almost forgot the shoes! Photoshop is batch processing right now, so you'll just
have to accept this snapshot rather than a nifty logo-stamped version!