Happy Trails Krista!

We are so lucky to have met Krista! She's been our studio manager for a year, and has been a great addition to our team the whole time! Krista is now going out on her own, to pursue her own work. She is incredibly dedicated, talented, and fun, and we can't wait to see what is in store for her next. Thank you Krista for contributing so much to our business and our lives - we love you!

Krista left yesterday for her trip to Zimbabwe - be sure to read about her adventures on her blog!

Here's a shot Krista took of Matt and I working at Jason and Bryce's wedding (yuck: I'm so happy that I've gotten my hair cut since then LOL!!!). She got a lot of really fabulous pictures of Jason and Bryce too, here's one of my favorite Krista shots from the day: