First Day of School

Tuesday was Ollie's first day of preschool! He is going to an amazing school - he totally loves all of his teachers, and the classroom is so exciting that he just puts his backpack away in his little cubby and disappears to play the minute we get him there each morning. It has been so much fun to help him pack his lunch box and backpack each day - he doesn't need any school supplies, but he still insists on wearing his backpack. I put a photo of Will in it for him, and today he took his blankie too for naptime.

He was a little sleepy for the first day, because he and his brother have both had a hard time sleeping lately (end of summer nerves or something). I felt so sorry for him when I saw the circles under his eyes in this picture! He's doing much better today though - school is tuckering him out so he's sleeping very well now!

The teachers at his school have set up lots of different learning stations in his classroom, and Ollie just flits excitedly from one activity to the next when he arrives each morning.

We're joking about how the kids are totally excited about school but the parents are all a little blue because we're watching our kids grow up so fast! I'm privately hoping that Ollie waits a little longer to start saying "classroom" rather than "grassroom".