Bicycle Built for Two

We had sooooo much fun with Linsay and Ryan that it is just impossible for us to choose a favorite picture. They had a beautiful lakeside wedding at Linsay's parents' cabin in New Hampshire. Everything about the day was heartfelt and romantic, we all did a lot of crying - Ryan especially! Here's the slideshow of the story of their wedding day.

Linsay and Ryan planned two really cool things to surprise their guests. First they changed into different outfits and did a sexy Agentine Tango for their first dance. Then when it was time to leave the reception, they escaped on a tandem bicycle! While Ryan was putting the "just married" sign on the bicycle in the morning, he explained to me that in addition to being just plain fun, the tandem bicycle was an analogy for marriage: both partners have to collaborate, have trust in each other, support each other... come to think of it that's how Argentine tango works too!

Somehow Linsay and Ryan managed to allow a lot of time for pictures, without having it feel like they were taking time out from the wedding festivities - maybe that's because they enjoyed being photographed so darn much! Here are a few pics from their pre-wedding "First Look" photo session:

And here are a few from the sunset shoot after they said goodbye to all their guests:

Congratulations Linsay and Ryan - let's celebrate your anniversary next year with another lobster dinner!

Linsay & Ryan's Rock Star Wedding Vendors:
Muddy River Smokehouse
Bicycle Bob's
J. Crew
Rabbi Larry Karol
DJ John Dionne, Sr.
Country Daisy
Adagio Spa & Salon
GT Kosher Catering