I'd Like to Buy the World a...

If you haven't tried Virgil's Root Beer I am afraid you are REALLY missing out! It reminds me of the homemade root beer of my childhood, and also of the big jug of root beer that my friend Jen and I bought from an Amish family's farm stand in the Pennsylvania Dutch country years ago.

Virgil's is made from all natural ingredients and flavors (though some of these flavors such as Pimento Berry Oil and Sweet Birch may not be very familiar). It's creamy and smooth, not too sweet, not bitter, not overly effervescent... good chilled, but also not chilled.

Matt has the boys at the beach today and I'm sitting here editing and drinking a nice chilled bottle... it's going to be hard not to open another one but I don't want to get a sugar headache!

Yum yum - go out and find some before summer's over!!!