Every Third Year

is the Dole Family reunion... for those of you not in the know, Enna's originally a Dole. And next week is our family reunion!

There are three things that most Doles can't live without: chocolate, red wine, and mountain air. So for our family reunions we try to find a place where we can enjoy all of those things in copious amounts. We've had reunions at Point Reyes, Chaco Canyon, the Eaglecap Wilderness, Mammoth, a near-abandoned gold mining town in the Sierras called Sheep Ranch, and Lake Tahoe, to name a few...

This year, the East Coast cousins are hosting the reunion in North Conway, New Hampshire... we know, it's not going to be exactly "rugged", but the older folks are getting older, and the younger folks have babies, so we're going for a few more creature comforts this year.

Enna's grandparents, Helen & Al Dole

(Enna Grazier is named after Al's mom... G.G. Enna Dole started a lasting tradition of taking her kids on backcountry trips for a few weeks at a time in the Sierra Nevada, and that habit became a family tradition... )

We'll be gone for a whole week!!! Krista and Dana will be here to hold down the fort ~ but some of our emails and calls will have to wait for us to return. So please know that we'll be back in the office on Tuesday August 21 and will be catching up on emails and stuff at that time.

Mount Washington here we come!!!