Karen and Danny, or Why We Love What We Do

We're catching up on some blog posts - we've had so many weddings in June and July that we neglected to share stories from all of these great events! Here's number one: Karen and Danny...

Orthodox Jewish weddings are so amazing to photograph. Thanks to our clients and friends we've learned a Hebrew word: 'simcha', and this word arises in our thoughts and conversation often as we reflect on our work as photographers. In our own words, 'simcha' refers to a special life-altering event, such as the birth of a child, marriage, or the passage from childhood to adulthood. We are so honored that these families are choosing us to document their simchas. Orthodox Jewish weddings are passionate and spontaneous, incredibly fun and emotional to photograph - a perfect opportunity for our style of artistic documentary photography. These weddings help us to remember and appreciate what has drawn us to photography as our life work.

The most special moment for Enna at Karen and Danny's wedding was actually a very private moment that was witnessed only by Enna and her camera. After the bedekken (where the bride is greeted for the first time by the groom and his entourage), Karen greeted and thanked each of her bridesmaids privately. Enna said "I couldn't hear what she said to each girl, but I could tell that it was heartfelt because everyone was tearful." Karen's grandfather was watching these interactions, also not hearing exactly what words were exchanged, with a big grin on his face. He was just staring at his granddaughter. When Enna took this photo she could hear him saying under his breath, "You are so beautiful. You're the most beautiful thing in the world. Oh so beautiful." He didn't intend for anyone to hear his words except God and Karen.

Just to the right of the bride is our favorite caterer in Boston. Andrew Wiener works magic at weddings. Every time we work with Andrew we are in awe at how he is able to be in 10 places at once, gently urging the schedule of events along at a perfect pace, and managing to serve huge, beautiful, and delicious kosher feasts at weddings (no small feat considering that his kosher kitchen and food must be completely mobile to serve hundreds of guests in venues with non-kosher kitchens). Andrew was probably in this moment just for an instant, just long enough to make sure Karen was heading to her "alone" time with Danny right after the ceremony. Enna didn't even know she had taken a picture of him. We really admire the passion with which he gives himself over to each client, shown here in his helping the hem of her dress as she is escorted past the throng of guests.

Tradition holds that the bride prays and meditates prior to the marriage ceremony. In our experience, most brides fit that praying and meditating in wherever it can happen in the busy day's schedule. Here, Karen reads her prayers as her mom holds her arm steady (and probably holds herself steady) as Karen's dress is buttoned by her bridesmaids. The beginning of a romantic, beautiful, and emotional day.

And now for the fun...

Sometimes people ask us if we will bring a ladder to the wedding reception (ostensibly to record from afar the antics happening on the dance floor)... well, we don't bring a ladder, because frankly we're afraid of what might happen to it. Look what happened to the videographer's ladder:
And this just a couple of feet away:

Here's Karen twirling a hoola hoop around her neck at the reception.

Look at the expressions of shear exhilaration on their faces:

Another highlight of the day was the MUSIC. Danny is the drummer for an amazing band, Blue Fringe, so when it was time for the traditional serenade to his bride, he played her favorite song plus a couple more with his band.

The rest of the day's fesitivities were accompanied by Moshav Band, also a really AWESOME band! ... already regret not going to hear Moshav play at the Paradise the night after the wedding.