Birthday Betty

We had a fun visit with Aunt Betty and Cousin Kim in Greenfield on our way home from Tom and Lizzy's wedding. Betty's birthday is today, so we decided to surprise her with an all-staff birthday serenade at Applebees. We requested the song before Betty arrived but then Betty didn't want dessert, so rather than bring everyone out to sing anyway, our waiter totally dropped the ball! So then we went to a local park where there was live music and they had a little box where audience members could request announcements... Matt and I were totally giggling the whole time we were there because we asked them to announce Betty's birthday to the whole audience. But they dropped the ball too! Actually, we decided to head back to Betty's house because the bugs were eating us alive. So maybe the audience sang happy birthday after we left...

No worries though, because we had a backup plan. We had stopped at a farmstand in Vermont and picked up a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie, so Kim stuck candles in it and we all sang happy birthday in Betty's back yard.

Here are Betty and Kim hamming it up for the camera: