PCT Through Hiker

Life Rule 1: Everyone should have a dream! Life Rule 2: Everybody has to eat!

Last week my dad embarked on a journey that he has dreamed of for many years, the Pacific Crest Trail. He will be traveling from the Mexican border to the Canadian border over the next several months, and you can read all about his adventures here.

So this week's book is recommended because it was his main reference for building his trail meals. You might ask, "what do I have to do with backpacking?" "Why should I care about freezer bag cooking?" and those are valid questions!

The answer is: everyone should have a dream, and EVERYONE should find a way to connect with nature. We hope Mr. Dole's trip will inspire you to follow your dreams and to connect with nature! And if you find yourself planning your own long-haul backpacking trip, check out this book!

PS Here's Mr. D's interview with the local news station!