Chips, Anyone?

We've been having a lot of fun together since the weather has warmed up! Today Ollie and Will and I visited Drumlin Farm, which is a working farm run by the Audubon Society. Since we're working on following the "100 Mile Diet" I thought we could pick up some fresh meat and veggies at the farm. Alas, we forgot to bring a cooler, and since today's temp hit the 90s I decided it would not be a good day to drive home with fresh produce and raw meat. So on the way home we actually had to break our 100 mile diet and stop at McDonald's. Oh well, we're not following the diet with 100% strictness... tomorrow we'll visit the farmer's market and get more groceries for the week. I'm bummed about missing out on stocking up on meats at the farm though, because while their meats are organic, grass-fed, hormone free, and SUPER healthy, they are only 50-70% the cost of regular meat from our local grocery store! So while the 100-mile diet requires extra planning (and an empty cooler in the car), it is not more expensive than typical grocery shopping... in fact it may even be cheaper! See how you can start eating within your 100-mile radius here.

Here's a cute picture from my cell phone of Ollie walking Will around the chicken barn. The chickens seemed to be Will's favorite farm animal - probably because they were smaller than him and completely enclosed in their wire paddocks. Ollie loved the piggies the best!