Charleston: more than a golf mecca

We just returned from a whirlwind week of travel... first we went to Charleston SC where we photographed Debra and Chipper's wedding - we'll post pics from the wedding in our next entry - then we attended a professional photography conference in Chicago.

Our visit to Charleston was great, thanks in large part to assistance from our concierge at the Holiday Inn. Kevin is a Clefs d' Or concierge, and he went above and beyond in helping us pick out restaurants, a walk around historic sites, and arranging for a top notch babysitter for Will. Kevin's favorite breakfast restaurant became our favorite breakfast restaurant, and I'm embarrassed to write how many times we ate there during our 4-day stay.

On Sunday morning after the wedding Matt, Will, and I visited Drayton Hall, a plantation house that is preserved largely in its original post-Civil War state. We can't wait to make another visit to Charleston to see more of the sites, and eat more of the wonderful food.

Here's Will making friends with someone he found in a garden: