Book Review: Going Local

Q: What is one thing that makes everyone in the house happy? A: Good Food.

We're often bemoaning the fact that we live in the city so don't get to listen to crickets, look at stars, walk in the woods.... We dream about our place in the country, but the truth is we're pretty settled in here in our sunny Jamaica Plain apartment. We realized that we can take other steps to get back to the basics right now.

We've decided to start eating better, and rather than follow a specific diet or count calories, we decided to simply go local. There are plenty of economic and health reasons to eat locally, but we wouldn't do it if it didn't also a) taste better, and b) make us feel better.

We probably won't be quite as strict as these authors were (we'll still allow coffee, chocolate, and hot dogs into our kitchen for instance), but as much as possible we're going to shop whole, local, and organic.