Dinner with Andy Paige

I got to have dinner with Andy Paige on Tuesday night! In case you don't know who she is, Andy is a celebrity beauty and style consultant. She's on tv now and then, and she also is available for personal makeover sessions. I am totally intrigued by her "Beauty Boot Camp" where she spends 3 days with you in your own home, and makes over your closet, makeup routine, accompanies you to the hair salon.

Andy gave a talk at the Boston Women's Network dinner which I attend a few times a year. Since I am one of those "one-on-one" networkers, I made sure to sit at Andy's table and got to chat with her and the other women at our table over our dinner. The best part of Andy's presentation and philosophy is how she boosts women's self confidence and success, and also her commitment to helping women look their best without breaking the bank. Check out her tips on how to shop smart.

Lucky me, my name was drawn at the end of the night for an awesome set of Andy Paige makeup brushes - I've already used them a few times (with my new Joya Beauty makeup), and they are great!