A Taste of Spring

We were joined for dinner the other night by wedding photographers extraordinaire Justin Marantz and Mary Bess of Imagine Imaging. We spent the evening talking about our businesses and getting to know each other over a fabulous meal at Ten Tables - one of Boston's very best restaurants right in the heart of Jamaica Plain. At Ten Tables they always surprise you right when you sit down with a yummy morsel from the kitchen - it wakes up the palate and lets you know that you're in for something really special. Our yummy pre-ordering morsel was a shot glass with a sip of chilled cucumber soup, which concealed a little bite of grapefruit ice. This mouthful was a most pleasantly surprising combination of flavors and embodied the anticipation of spring!

Justin and Mary are a delightful couple, a perfect match really, and they are planning their wedding for this fall! We would love to be their wedding photographers, but they've already hired one of the real leaders in our industry. We'll have to give DJ a call and see if we can 2nd shoot with him!

Well, it might be wishful thinking, but spring really is right around the corner! Matt and Ollie had ticket's to Thursday's Red Sox game which was unfortunately rained out. Matt was really excited about taking O to his first Red Sox game, and to commemorate the occasion he had a T-shirt custom made for Ollie!

Now, the question is, should Matt order a new shirt when Ollie really does get to go to his first game? Or should he just cross out the date and seat and write the new info on this shirt???