The literal translation of 'Omakase' is to 'entrust'. It's one of my favorite Japanese words (though it's kind of a tongue twister). It is usually used in restaurants, especially sushi restaurants, to defer to the chef's choice. Always a great compliment and signal of trust to the chef, ordering Omakase will ideally lead to creative pairings of the most delicious, fresh, and occasionally obscure items in the kitchen, all according to the chef's whims and talents. Omakase is a route for the adventurous soul when it comes to sushi, but it is also an apt description of our usual approach to designing albums for our clients. Choosing images for the wedding album can be a daunting task, especially for the typical bride and groom who in all likelihood have never created a 30-50 page custom designed book. We have found that the easiest approach for most of our clients is to simply have us choose our favorite images, and design the book based on those. Of course we work with the clients to fine-tune the images and layout after we've created the preliminary design, but this approach allows us to fully express our creativity and vision of the wedding day images. The Omakase strategy results in beautiful, creative, and highly narrative album designs. Our goals are simple: make beautiful pictures, present them in beautiful albums, and make the photography process as easy as possible for our clients.

PS - who says you can't make sushi at home? Here are a couple of recipes on my favorite food blog.