King of the Radio

Our son Oliver is very particular about his car environment. He always insists that the windows stay up, seatbelts on (that's a good thing), and radio off. Or so we thought until this week. His language skills are developing by leaps and bounds, and yesterday he was finally able to tell us "No, not that music... I want BIG music!" "Big music?" we asked... "Yeah, BIG music." He couldn't tell us what he meant by "Big Music", but we were elated that it was finally acceptable for us to listen to anything in the car, so we franticly surfed the radio channeluntil we found the aforementioned "Big Music". Want to hear big music? This is what Ollie settled on.

These pictures are of Ollie on the day he smeared diaper cream all over himself.

In other music news, one of our very favorite children's musicians won a grammy! Go Dan Zanes! If you know any kids (or kids at heart), run out and grab one of his albums.