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Need some help with your makeup strategy? Whether you need guidance for your ongoing skin care, or someone to give you that flawless dewy look for the big day, Joanne McDonough is nothing short of brilliant. She does flawless makeup, and also is a very calm and peaceful presence in the bridal suite. When we saw her at the La Bella Magazine party last week, she confided in us that she carries lavender oil in her makeup kit, and is quick to pull it out to provide calming aromas for a jittery bride.

Joanne provides skin care consultation to her brides from the moment they book her, to make sure that they have the most beautiful skin possible on their wedding day. Here are a couple of pics of our bride Sarah with Joanne's makeup:

We were impressed to see that Joanne got the guys at this wedding to wear makeup too! She put the most sheer powder on them, and covered a couple of minor blemishes... the results were awesome: no one could have possibly guessed that the men had anything on their faces, but they had no shine in the pictures, which meant virtually no retouching on their wedding party pics!

I love it when other vendors bring their own unique touch to the wedding day - it shows that they love their work and that they care deeply about making their clients' day special. Joanne works with signature style, using custom brush-cases handmade by her mother, which is quite appropriate since she blends all of her own makeup from scratch.

Joanne was kind enough to put together a list of skin care tips for us, which we are excited to include in our wedding photography planning kit for all of this year's brides. I'm highlighting my favorite tips from the list here... they're sort of common sense, but we all need a reminder!

Tip #2: Wear sunscreen all year long. Just because it’s a grey day outside don’t go out unprotected. Damaging rays from the sun filter through clouds as well.

Tip #6: Reduce sugar intake which causes a naturally occurring process known as “glycation”. Sugar molecules bond with protein molecules which creates a “glycated” protein. The protein molecule then becomes weak, brittle or fractured making it vulnerable to the dreaded free radical attack. ("More cake, Enna?"... "No thank you, I'm afraid I'll suffer a free radical attack!")

Tip #11: Schedule your makeup consultation early in the planning process.

That last one could go without saying, because we all know it's never too early to book all of the vendors for your wedding day! We're happy to share more vendor referrals with you - just send us an email or call and we'll share some recommendations and tips.

Click on the link below for Joanne's website, or give her a call at 603.534.3412.
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